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The bending service of stainless steel plate, stainless steel tube and stainless steel profile can be processed according to customer's drawing requirements with minimal tolerance. Our bending processing service has processed stainless steel gutters, well covers, grooves, edging, water tanks, aviation light brackets, etc.



Stainless steel welding processing service meets the shortcomings of conventional dimensions, and fully solves the needs of customers for large-size stainless steel H-shaped steel, angle steel, channel steel, and pipe. Our welding engineers have first-class skills and strictly require workshop processing operations.



Five years ago, we only did laser cutting of stainless steel plates, cutting various patterns and sizes according to drawings. Later, we added laser cutting equipment for stainless steel tubes and stainless steel profiles. It is our responsibility to think about what customers think and solve problems for customers. The processing cost is the lowest in China, the processing equipment is most advanced, the processing quality and precision are the highest, and the processing efficiency is the fastest.



The stamping machine stamps various types of different patterns on stainless steel coil and stainless steel sheet. Such as rice grains, diamonds, ellipses, T-shaped and herringbone shapes on the surface of the stainless steel plate, which plays a role of decoration and anti-slip.