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Stainless steel coil
  • Contact Now 304(L) stainless steel coil
    Type 304 Stainless Steel is the most widely used of the austenitic (chromium/nickel) stainless steels. In the annealed condition it is essentially non-magnetic and becomes slightly magnetic with the application of cold work.
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  • Contact Now 316(L) stainless steel coil
    Type 316 Stainless Steel is an austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel containing molybdenum. This addition increases general corrosion resistance, improves resistance to pitting from chloride ion solutions, and provides increased strength at elevated temperatures. Properties are similar to t...
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  • Contact Now 321 stainless steel coil
    Type 321 Stainless Steel is a stabilized austenitic stainless steel similar to Type 304 but with a titanium addition of at least five times the carbon content. This titanium addition reduces or prevents carbide precipitation during welding and in 800 - 1500°F service. It also improves the e...
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  • Contact Now 309(S) stainless steel coil
    Types 309 Stainless Steel and 309S are austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steels that provide excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance plus good strength at room and elevated temperatures.
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  • Contact Now 310(S) stainless steel coil
    Types 310 Stainless Steel and 310S are typically used for elevated temperature applications. Their high nickel and chromium contents impart excellent elevated temperature strength and resistance to oxidation compared to Type 304 SS.
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