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Steel market "spring" is difficult to warm, but no need to worry too deep down

  Today, the domestic steel market inertia "Monday" cautious wait and see market, a slight concussion, but the weak is still the main theme. Sub-species point of view, long products are still struggling to move up, but the transaction is still the biggest obstacle, the momentum of the rise often die in the bud; plate has long been aware of resistance to do is useless work, especially cold rolled coil, showing Slightly Pudie trend; pipe seamless pipe is still in the dilemma of tangled, pipe slightly soared. At the same time, billet last week after the shock rose, climbed to 3310, this week can break through the previous high is still a question mark. The current steel market, such as the current northern weather, turbid haze, the trend is not clear, business operations more difficult, the price operation is diluted, in order to more shipments. While the slow consumption of social and steel inventories to verify the release of the terminal is still insufficient, especially in the South market, facing the stock pressure is greater than the northern region, the price activity synchronization is weakened.

  But the market without worrying about steel prices fell space, the domestic steel market need to seek new support points to break the embarrassing situation of this temperature does not fire. One is still from the "land of steel." In accordance with the National Development and Reform Commission to determine the date of the target, "Land Steel" from its final exit history left the last 100 days. In the political task must be completed under the premise of the rest of the day the local government will continue to accelerate the completion of the steel "raids" work.

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